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15 Of The Most Epic Interior Designer Fails

13 May 2019

These photos show you that human beings are not perfect. Somebody messed up big time. I couldn’t make it through this list without cracking up. The architects probably got fired, we hope. But you have to wonder, was no-one paying attention during construction?

The architect who got the concept of public toilets all wrong.

That’s one way of justifying the overdue renovation.

That’s what you get when your builders are underpaid.

How did they even get the cutlery into the drawer?

It’s called art, dude. You don’t get it.

The architect who can’t believe he forgot about the whole door thing.

You should always take the elevator or escalator.

But not this one

Something is wrong in this room decoration

Even looking at this photo gives me vertigo. Imagine to spend time there. An eye torture.

They haven’t paid attention to the length of the faucet.

I mean seriously? Behind? There was no other way?

Even for single person this doesn’t seem comfortable.

This designer is master of fails

This thing here must be very valuable.

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15 Of The Most Epic Interior Designer Fails
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