Here Are 17 Epiphanies You May Never Have Thought About

12 May 2019

Sometimes stuff looks exactly like other stuff and it’s kind of disturbing! Let’s examine this phenomenon in a little bit of depth. If you’ve seen some of these before, keep it a secret! Also, add yours if you know some good ones.

Granny train putting on lipstick

Cat paws are actually tiny little teddy bears

When you figure out ordering coffee has become way too complicated

LG has a hidden Pacman in their logo

Formula you should use if you drop food on the floor

Australia is comprised of a dog head and a cat head

The USB symbol is actually a little walking man

The Chicago Bulls logo is an upside-down robot reading a book.

Facebook friends are based on Darth Vader and Luke

South America and Africa combine to form a T-Rex.

The Toblerone logo has a bear climbing on the mountain

Have you noticed that arrow in their logo earlier?

Speeder in the upcoming Star Wars is a flying fudgesicle

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora look like the Wayans brothers in White Chicks

Pi is pie.

Does this mean that all drivers of Toyota trucks wearing mustaches!

The MLB logo is actually a bird with arms

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Here Are 17 Epiphanies You May Never Have Thought About
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