Eyewitness Claims That Rap Legend Tupac Is Alive And Well And That He Is Living In Somalia

12 April 2018

Trick scholars have been debating the subtle elements of Tupac Shakur’s murder for as long as two decades. Did the rap legend truly bite the dust from the wounds he’d supported in the wake of being shot in Las Vegas? Or on the other hand – the more well known hypothesis – did he utilize the shooting as a cover keeping in mind the end goal to counterfeit his own particular passing and expel himself from the spotlight?

At 25-years of age, it’s sheltered to state that Tupac’s demise was to a great degree untimely. This, joined with his amazing ability, saw vast scale grieving over the globe after his passing on September 6, 1996 – six days after he was shot four times in a speculated hit by an adversary rap posse.

This grieving immediately transformed into mistrust as fans conjectured that Tupac was as yet alive. Urgent to trust that their object of worship didn’t kick the bucket from inside seeping because of his wounds, fans started to recommend that he may have survived the drive-by shooting and as opposed to come back to a turbulent life governed by posse viciousness and competition, Tupac went off-framework.

Subsequently, there have been accounted for sightings of the New York-conceived rapper in New Orleans, Cuba, Brazil and now Somalia.

As indicated by a internet user, who goes by the name suldaan_mahdi, Tupac is fit as a fiddle in Somalia, Africa. In his over the top claim, the client goes ahead to state that he’s seen the All Eyez on Me star with Yaki Kadafi – his dear companion and kindred rapper who kicked the bucket only two months after Shakur, matured 19, in the wake of being coincidentally shot in the head by a companion’s cousin.

“I’ve seen Tupac and Kadafi way after their said deaths – in Somalia. I’ve seen them both alive. I was in a car and they were heading in the other direction,” explained @Suldaan_Mahdi. “Kadafi was doing some kind of hand signals – he looked kind of funky. I saw them alive way after their said deaths.”

The striking claim might be difficult to accept if were not for the way that Tupac’s passing is as of now one of the greatest intrigues on the planet – just beaten by JFK’s death, the 1969 moon landing, and the 1947 Roswell episode.

Since his death, the ’90s symbol has purportedly been seen at music grant appears, b-ball games and clubs. Furthermore, fans are persuaded that the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame star shows up in his companion’s music recordings.

Supposedly, he has been seen in shots from music videos for Lil’ Wayne, Outlawz and Chillo – in fact, when quizzed about Tupac’s alleged cameo in the video for his track ‘Amsterdam to LA’, Chillo said: “It is 2pac but I cannot say more …sorry.”

This joined with the way that Tupac was incinerated the day after his death, without a post-mortem examination in spite of the reason for his passing being a drive-by shooting, is all fans need to certainly pronounce that the hip-hop artist is alive. Right up ’til today, Tupac’s murder stays unsolved.

Obviously, the gossipy tidbits are altogether very unreal and to a great degree difficult to accept. However, of course, we have disregarded more odd paranoid ideas which have ended up being genuine – Project MKUlta, the 2008 house advertise crash, the Easter bunny and Father Christmas.

Images source: viralthread.com

Eyewitness Claims That Rap Legend Tupac Is Alive And Well And That He Is Living In Somalia
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