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Famous Photographs From Internet Which Are Actually Fake

17 June 2017

Forgery will never die. In many ways the internet and the spread of easy-to-use technology have made doctoring information incredibly easy. It’s not hard to become a relative expert on Photoshop with the help of just a few YouTube tutorials. There’s a good reason that these ‘shopped’ photos went viral – they’re incredible, almost ‘unbelievable’! If you didn’t believe them, you were smarter than most! These are the viral fake photos that tricked and trolled the world, faux-blowing millions of minds.

1. No list of best pranks of all time would be complete without including the first true Internet hoax. In 2001, this photo appeared on the internet. Masses of people were captivated by the unusual footage, and National’s Geographic actually called this the “Photo of the Year”

2. Not an island in Ireland – a German castle stuck on top of a Thai rock formation. This is good old Photoshop, but it’s so good it made millions believe it.

3. We all want this blue watermelon to be real… But it’s a simple Photoshop color switch. Sorry!

4. This photo may seem like one of those that’s so absurd, no one could ever believe it deals. But people do. And they keep sharing it far and wide across social media.

5. Is this a behind the scenes photo from National Geographic? It’s an amusing photo. But that image of National Geographic photographers running from a bear has definitely been photoshopped.

6. This photo of famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer roaring lion caught attention of many some found it funny while wildlife protectors showed aggression on the treatment the lion had to gone through. However, later it was found out that this image was too fake and this lion was actually prepared for MRI.

7. A FAKE picture of a shark launching out of the water has fooled thousands into thinking it has won the National Geographic 2016 ‘Photo of the Year’ competition. The photoshopped shark has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter, with amazed online users congratulating ‘chief photographer’ Bob Burton… who doesn’t exist.

8. The world went crazy when they witnessed beautiful black beast (lion) unaware of the fact that black lions did exist in reality and this photo is probably edited.

9. This image of former President of US, George W. Bush, Jr holding the book upside down convinced people about his unstable mental health which was all made up as this picture was photoshopped too.

10. This circulated as candid photo recovered from the wreckage of 9/11. Uh, no. The planes didn’t approach that way.

11. No, that’s not Heath Ledger on the set of The Dark Knight kick-flipping over Christian Bale. The funny part? Ledger was actually known for skating around on location while shooting in Chicago. But this photo is totally fake.

12. It is safe to say that this image got immense response from people. This was never taken in the sky but it was all editing skills and yes, the original one is cool as well.

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Famous Photographs From Internet Which Are Actually Fake
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