A Fan Bashed Her Haircut So Chrissy Teigen Went Full Sass

13 October 2018

Chrissy Teigen is almost everywhere on the internet and it is hard to not notice her with her amazing clapbacks to some haters and overly criticizing people. And yes guys, she did it again.

She is Chrissy Teigen and she needs no introduction.

Some people really aren’t here for her attitude.

But people, let her live her own life

She is a pretty busy woman, especially lately

she just dropped her second cookbook besides being mother of two, so she’s doing a lot of promotion for it these days.

She appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and answered some pretty intimate questions.

We all now know that after John won the EGOT, she and him did NOT celebrate by getting freaky.

The fact is that they did take things “all the way” on their first date.

Chrissy shared a photo from the episode on her Instagram. It wasn’t long before she was being criticized because we live in a world where people think that’s a normal thing to do.

This was opinion of one of the fans

So, Chrissy as the sass queen, had to respond

Even other people on Instagram are starting to catch on, so who knows, maybe we’ll see an end to the Chrissy shade one of these days?

No one wants to see rudeness towards her!

Just do your thing girl and let none tell you what you should do with your own life!

Images source: lifestyle.diply.com

A Fan Bashed Her Haircut So Chrissy Teigen Went Full Sass
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