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Your Favorite 90’s Cartoon Characters Drawn As Adults

13 May 2019

Have you ever thought about what your favorite ’90s cartoon characters would look like as adults? Arnold Shortman (of Hey Arnold!) was in fourth grade when the TV series premiered in 1996. Most fourth-graders are about nine or 10 years old, so football-head and his classmates are probably in their mid-30s, that is, if you think they grew up just like you did. Artist Isaiah Stephens entertained the notion that perhaps your favorite ’90s cartoons grew up alongside you; his series, All Grown Up, gives these cartoons a whole new layer to appreciate.

1. Powerpuff Girls as Adults

2. No Longer ‘Kids Next Door,’ They Are ‘Teenagers Next Door Now’

3. Does Didi Still Keep Bothering Dexter?

4. They Might Have Grown Up, but They Are Still Cute

5. Mrs. Jetson Is Turning Gray

6. Elementary School Students Are Now College Students

7. Recognizing Who Is Who Might Be a Bit Challenging

8. Although He Does Not Really Fit In, Donald Trump Looks Interesting with Those Sleeve Tattoos

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Your Favorite 90’s Cartoon Characters Drawn As Adults
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