If You Find The ‘Dog’, You’ll Solve One Of The Hardest Word Puzzles.

30 November 2018

Searching for words is an amazing way to give your eyes and mind some workout. In the majority of cases, it’s a great feeling to find all the required words

That feeling when you circle them out. Amazing. But, there are some situations where searching for the word can be really frustrating.

This might be one of the ‘hardest’ word puzzles you ever will come across. At first glance, it does seems like a rather easy task.

What you need to do is find the word ‘dog’ among all of the letters that look the same – there are just three letters d, g, and o.

Three letters, one word – dog.

Easy to find it, right? But when the letters which are contained in this word repeated many times, it can make the task a bit more difficult and put your eyes on a real test.

More you look at the puzzle, more difficult and messier it gets.

Letters are like, jumping around and changing.

Some people thought the trick is to ‘think outside the box’ so they circle the word ‘Dog’ in the puzzle title.

But that trick was not used in this puzzle.

Others thought maybe the solution is the word ‘dog’ in the bottom below the puzzle and circle that one.

But that was not the dog we were asking for!

Have you found the word so far?

If you did, we congratulate you because you have the eyes of a hawk.

If you were able to find the word, how many time did you need to find it?

How many times your eyes scanned the puzzle before it finally popped out at you? Once you spot it, it’s kind of difficult to not notice it whenever you look at the puzzle.

There was a similar test to this where your goal was to find the smallest circle.

Most people would probably pick the one in the center to the right. But, actually, the dot on top of the ‘I’ was the smallest circle in this tricky test.

You are now ready for the next, even more, difficult challenge in case you were able to solve the previous one on your own.

Can you find the word “bonobo” in this labyrinth of letters? Wish you luck! (in case you can’t find it and you want to give up or you are just impatient, we will give you the answer: it’s in the ninth row from the left, fourteenth row from the top, written backward as “obonob”)

Images source: twentytwowords.com

If You Find The ‘Dog’, You’ll Solve One Of The Hardest Word Puzzles.
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