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Girl With Paranoid-Schizophrenia Shares What Hearing Voices Is Like

27 August 2018

For those who don’t really know, AMA stands for ‘ask me anything’ and it’s insanely popular with Reddit users. These AMAs are often pitched to celebs and other, rather fascinating, people who have quite ‘interesting careers’.

Nevertheless, a teen decided to do an AMA about her paranoid schizophrenia made one of the best AMAs in the history of Reddit. She not only has she entirely opened herself to the public, but she allowed the public to talk to three other people in her head.

Before we move on to the questions, we ask that you read them with an open mind. Paranoid schizophrenia is something she deals with on a daily basis, and it’s nothing to joke around with.

Question: Could you depict your inner voices and any visible hallucinations? Are your hallucinations all female? How do you ‘talk’ to them every day?

Answer: Well, all of the voices exist inside me and live with me. They all talk to each other and they talk to me, as well. Imagine several people living inside of one body.

If I do something or say something, they will comment. But they often do it quietly, because they respect the fact that it’s my body.

As for their gender, Little and Blank are female, and as far as I can tell, Demon is a male. However, he doesn’t really ‘look’ human so I don’t identify Demon as human.

He is the type of ‘person’ I only hear and see. Also, he’s the one I find most difficult to handle. That’s why I ignore him (adn don’t) when he’s screaming at me. I usually talk to them at night, but I never do it in public.

Question: What does Demon look like? Can you draw him?


paranoid schizphrenia teen 2

Question: This might sound a bit stupid, but do they tell you to do things? Or is that a fake thing society makes us believe?

Answer: It’s my choice entirely. I have my own willpower because it’s all in my mind. That being said, Demon often suggests the darkest of things.

Question: Do you have a career in mind?

Answer: My adult version just wants to finish the college and find a steady job. Little wants to be an astronaut, Blank is eager to become a millionaire rock star, and Demon is all about the ‘End of the World’.

Question: You will probably find this intimate, but what about your love life? How do you handle it?

Answer: Huge sigh… Little does NOT like it at all. She hides every single time and will cry afterward. However, she does know that it’s a part of growing up.

Blank is completely indifferent to it, but as you might have guessed, Demon loves it. He talks about me being sinful and going to Hell, but I ignore him and focus the attention on my boyfriend.

paranoid schizphrenia teen 1

Question: How do they react to music? Do they have a musical taste? What does Demon like to listen to?

Answer: Demon is about the opposite of everything nice. He hates everything, whereas Little enjoys the piano and Blank likes rock.

Question: Would you miss them if they were gone? Have you ever tried to find out why Demon is so mean?

Answer: I believe I would miss all of them – even Demon. They have always been a part of me and losing them would be like waking up without a part of my body.

Question: If you could make everyone go away, would you actually do it?

Answer: No, I wouldn’t. I would only like for Demon to go away, but I strongly believe that they deserve a chance to live, even if it is through me.

What would you do if you had people living inside of your brain?

These are the types of AMAs that are worth reading. They also make you think about yourself and your health. Do you appreciate the solitude of your mind? Or would you like to have more people in there? Let us know in the comments under the article. We’re sure you all have a unique view of the matter.

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Girl With Paranoid-Schizophrenia Shares What Hearing Voices Is Like
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