This Guy Said He Wants To Punch Feminist In The Face But This Is What Happened Immediately After

12 April 2018

Women’s activists are regularly blamed for review ladies as the “casualty” in each condition and disregarding the way that men get the crude end of the arrangement in a few occasions.

Pundits of women’s liberation likewise properly bring up that men’s issues, (for example, the social disgrace encompassing psychological well-being ailments for guys) are frequently through and through overlooked.

There’s certainly a dialog to be had with regards to killing twofold norms in all territories. Yet, tragically, hostile to women’s activists – a large number of whom are purported “meninists” – invest a lot of their energy in the web attempting to “possess” or “obliterate” women’s activists.

While these meninists claim to despise women’s liberation and all it remains for, they plainly get a ton of pleasure out of looking at, pondering and breathing everything woman’s rights.

This specific viral story began with a Tumblr post from somebody we would all be able to expect was a not well educated meninist, yet as indicated by @itzzkait, it is “the best post” she’d ever observed:

So what was so incredible about this post? Indeed, you’ll be satisfied to know it was sensational, ultra-forceful and two-faced across the board.

So Tumblr user good ‘ol fashioned brit (who has since erased his page) guarantees his devotees that he wouldn’t dream of “harming” a woman, yet that he would cheerfully “punch a women’s activist”.

What this person unmistakably overlooked is that women’s activists come in all shapes, sizes and sexual orientations. In spite of the numerous pessimistic depictions in the media, a women’s activist is just any individual who trusts ladies and men ought to have the SAME rights.

Presently, the women’s activists of Tumblr and Twitter could have utilized the old part inversion contention further bolstering their good fortune. For instance, “Envision if a women’s activist said they’d cheerfully punch a meninist, individuals would cry ‘twofold models’ and make unending ‘Legend decimates women’s activist’ recordings”.

Be that as it may, there was none of that and really individuals by and large simply attempted to see the entertaining side in everything. Truth be told, women’s activists from everywhere throughout the world attempted to take good ‘ol fashioned brit up on his offer for a punch-up, jokingly obviously.

Individuals like this physically forcing women’s activist:

Also, if honest to goodness brit was careful about provoking the person above, there was dependably this next women’s activist:

A portion of the women’s activists were both tore AF and affirmed officers:

Next was this lady who’ll give nobody a chance to threaten her for being a women’s activist:

Obviously, the first Tumblr post was shared on Twitter where much more individuals had bounty to say in regards to the dilemma honest to goodness brit had got himself into.

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This Guy Said He Wants To Punch Feminist In The Face But This Is What Happened Immediately After
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