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10 Head-Scratchers That Make Mondays Bearable.

19 November 2018

I know this might be hard to believe, but discovering head-turners and head-scratchers on the Internet is fairly easy. Basically, you just have to close your eyes and type a few letters in the search bar and your head will be turning.

That being said, no one has the time to try their luck with letters and pics that make them scratch their head and ask the most important question: “Why on Earth would someone do this?” That’s why we gathered a tiny list of prime examples.

Some people just like to blend in

There’s nothing wrong with that, I suppose.

Apparently, these are penguin eggs

No one should do this to penguins.

Oh, I got this…

He is a singer, but he also starred in a move that has the number 8 and the word Mile in it.

No one even noticed that there was a metal pole behind the tiger.

Not a single soul.

Yes, I’m quite positive it’s the navigator.

That’s actually hilarious…

I almost did it myself. On the floor.

What kind of a parent would do this kind of…

I’m just kidding, this kid is hilarious.

I never did trust animals who do their own shopping.

There’s something wrong about that.

This is the new pool-cocktail human.

It comes out at night and drinks drinks in a pool.

How will you know if it’s good, right?

You gotta try it.

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10 Head-Scratchers That Make Mondays Bearable.
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