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Here’s What MJ’s Son Blanket Looks Like Today.

15 November 2018

Pretty much every single person on the planet knew that Michael was a bit quirky. He was famous for covering the faces of his children with either scarves or masks.

That would often give his fans a hint of mystery, and he was all about teasing the crowd. Blanket was one of his kids that was mostly hidden from the media.

He always kept him on the low key side and that remained the same even after MJ passed away. Nevertheless, Blanket is now all grown up now and he’s quite the star of the family – mostly for looking like MJ.

Blanket Jackson was born February 21, 2002.

He is the spitting image of his father. Seriously, just look at this kid. Now, he attends the Buckley School in LA. Apparently, he’s very into music and the performing arts.

He was named Prince Michael II at birth, and nicknamed ‘Blanket’ by MH.

We all know how cruel kids can be and it’s no surprise that name brought on an onslaught of bullying.

Recently, Blanket who looks so much like his late father, changed his name to Bigi Jackson

That’s a name that doesn’t seem so apt as he is just a little boy. Bigi lives a pretty unplugged life on social media, with his Twitter account only ever used to retweet positive messages about his dad.

Blanket (or Bigi if you prefer) also loves to practice martial arts.

In a lot of ways, he’s not so different than any well-rounded kid with a bright future. The thing that sets him apart is his father. Hopefully, Bigi only has fond memories of his father and is able to move through the heartbreak of losing him at a young age.

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Here’s What MJ’s Son Blanket Looks Like Today.
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