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Here’s What The Way You Hug Your Partner Says About Your Personality And Relationship

10 June 2017

How you hug your partner when you walk down the street? What actually represents your every hug and the way you do it?


Partner’s eyes are like a window of happiness, so you’re looking at them every time you’re with him. You are so deeply connected it’s almost scary!

You are mine

The two of you are love partners and friends and no one can change that. You are bored to walk hand in hand, like everyone else, but you decided to change to be more pronounced.

Keeping from behind

This means that you do not care about how much partner cares about you. This works very friendly for yourself. Fathers and daughters are doing this sometimes!

I got you

You behave protectively and partner is your special person. There is no greater sign to him to prove it, but standing right behind him!

A strong hug

You do not want to separate from a partner or lose him, it would be a fatal day for you. Hugging him tightly is the best way to prove thow much you love him and that you would never let something bad happen.

London Bridge hug

This is when partners embrace as far as possible, where your lower part of the body are away from partner’s. This view shows a large amount of disagreement or discomfort in a relationship.

Rag doll hug

This is a “one-way street” in ties – one person embraces another as much as possible, while the other stands limp. This attitude shows a deep imbalance between the partners. No matter how hard you try, it is really impossible to maintain a connection if the other person does not show the same measure.

A slight dancing

You both like romance and if he take you gently around waist, it will look as though you are a couple in love at graduation dancing. This embrace is typical for young couples who have just got in relationship, or if you are a long time with your partner, then it means that love still burns in you.

Your hand in his pocket

Maybe you’re a little skeptical about his partner if every time you put your hand in his pocket. Do you check whether there holds some secret piece of paper or a love letter from another woman?

Flying hug

This is bound to embrace passion and desire. Whether your relationship is long-term or serious, this position reveals that you have a constant lust for each other.

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Here’s What The Way You Hug Your Partner Says About Your Personality And Relationship
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