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Here’s What The Youngest Mother In UK Looks Like Today.

13 October 2018

You’ve definitely seen the list or articles of the youngest parents in the world. The ‘title’ of the youngest mother in the world goes to a Peruvian girl who had a baby at the age of 5.

But the ‘title’ of the youngest mother in the United Kingdom belongs to one Tressa Middleton. She is literally on every thumbnail that deals with young parents.

Tressa had her baby at the age of 12

She was not one of the kids who was ‘exploring’ and somehow got pregnant. Unfortunately, Tressa was assaulted by her brother in 2006, which is how she got pregnant.

The youngest mom in the UK is now 24

Sadly, Tressa’s baby is no longer with her. She felt that she wasn’t an adult enough to raise her baby.

A heartbreaking story

Tressa gave her first baby up for adoption, but she just got her second baby. She always thought that she would never be able to have another child, but she eventually did – she named her daughter Arihanna.

My seasoned little girl is no longer with me

She feels extremely regretful for giving her daughter away, but she was way too young to raise her on her own, and her mother couldn’t afford to raise her.

If her first baby were here, she would’ve introduced her to Rihanna, because that would mean everything to her.

Tressa and her first baby were put in defensive care for three weeks right after her birth. That’s when the photo that circled the globe was made. Despite the fact that she didn’t wish for the baby, Tressa says that she still thinks about her.

It’s the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up, and the last thing she thinks of before she goes to bed. She still sleeps with the first teddy bear her baby held.

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Here’s What The Youngest Mother In UK Looks Like Today.
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