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12 People Who Take Laziness To The Highest Level

13 May 2019

We all become lazy at some point. Whether it’s laziness on a daily basis or occasionally, we’ve all experienced it. At the moment, I’m too lazy to write a longer introduction about the essence of leading a fulfilled life.

Nevertheless, laziness is a trait many people possess and today, I am one of those people. Feel free to join me and the people below with a lazy moment of your own. Pic or it didn’t happen.

Queueing on a whole different level

As far as I know, this happened in Brazil, but I might make a thing out of it in my city. Definitely worth the try…

I actually had a girlfriend who had a similar approach

But I think she was lazier than this lady.

How lazy do you have to be NOT to take the eggs out?

This lazy, I suppose.

That time I bought a chair and sat on in

While it was in the box.

A girl said her boyfriend was one of the lazy types…

This was his birthday present for her.

You know, that thing on the was has a purpose

It’s for the thing you put on the floor.

Not only is the soda in the shade, but you also have access to it while getting a suntan

Lazy, yet smart.

Believe it or not, snow is a good insulator

It could work on cars, as well.

I’ve used my vacuum cleaner for a  lot of things, but not this…

Now I will.

I refuse to believe that people like this actually exist

I simply refuse.

This is a combination of laziness and lack of space

Brilliantly lazy.

This is the moment when you lose faith in humanity

And stop believing that we will ever change.

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12 People Who Take Laziness To The Highest Level
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