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Vet Who Lost Both Legs Received A Smart Home That Changed His Life

12 May 2019

Pretty much everyone over the age of 24 has seen Tom Hanks’ brilliant performance in Forrest Gump. Those who have seen the movie are familiar with Lieutenant Dan – if you haven’t go watch the movie, appreciate the history.

Nevertheless, those who haven’t (but should have), have probably seen Lieutenant Dan as Mac Taylor in CSI New York. If you haven’t, I give up – just read the amazing story below. It’s about good people doing great things.

This Arizona man was enlisted in the US Army Reserves in 2005…

Caleb Brewer then joined the Green Berets in 2012 and was deployed to the Middle East in 2015. That’s where he stepped on an IED and endured injuries that almost cost him his life.

Gary Sinise, the actor behind Lieutenant Dan, Mac Taylor and many other roles, has been helping vets since the 1970s. The CEO of Gary Sinise foundation says that Brewer suffered a traumatic brain injury, as well.

Four months later, Brewer made a remarkable recovery

Not only did he learn to walk with his prosthetics, but he also came up with a completely new workout that would work help both his physical therapy and overall health.

He worked hard to get back into shape, not just for himself, but for others as well

Brewer was kind enough to help other disabled men and women push through and achieve what he did.

Thanks to his dedication, Brewer received support from an unlikely source

Gary Sinise himself reached out to Brewer and offered to help him. RISE program, a part of his foundation, focuses on modifying vehicles and building homes in order to help veterans and their needs.

Brewer applied for one of these homes and was immediately approved

The house was built in February 2019 and Brewer, along with his wife and two daughters, moved in.

The house is smart as if comes with a number of features, all of which can be controlled via tablet

Brewer said that the house makes everyday life much easier for him. His favorite thing is the heated bench in the bathroom. “You have to enjoy the little things”, Brewer said in an interview.

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Vet Who Lost Both Legs Received A Smart Home That Changed His Life
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