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10 Brilliant Inventions From Japan That We Need In Our Lives

12 May 2019

Japanese culture has been hugely influential on the world at large for hundreds of years. From fashion to technology to storytelling, it’s pretty hard to miss the impression Japan has made on the world. And they still doing it. Here are 10 of the most ingenious Japanese inventions that will make life easier and more comfortable. I can’t wait for them to come to my country!

There are people who don’t like sitting with their back in the direction they travel. Well, in Japan, you can just turn your seat to whichever side you want.

A lot of us hate when we have to cross roa twice to get on diagonal part. Well, in Tokyo, you can do it from one try and they even have corresponding zebras.

Your hands will always be free. The perfect way to relax: Reading and using your tablet while lying in bed.

Your pets also need protection from sun.  And the considerate Japanese thought about it.

For those times you want to belt out a tune, but don’t want anyone to hear you.

In Japan there are toilet slippers which are used to minimize contact between the unclean toilet floor and the clean floor of rest of the house.

A lot of us like to work on laptop when lying on stomach, but our hands get tired very quickly. That’s why they made this holder.

 The Japanese have lots of ingenious ways to save valuable resources like water, too. Check out this sink built into the tank of a toilet. Not only does it look cool, but it saves water with every single flush.

In Japan there are automated stores with no assistants, only machines. Perfect for introvert people because they don’t need to talk with anyone.

This hotel went even further and made a robo dinosaur in a cute hat which will check you in when you come.

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10 Brilliant Inventions From Japan That We Need In Our Lives
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