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James ‘The Photoshop Wizard’ Strikes Again.

02 November 2018

Just when you thought you’ve seen them all, James does it again. Well, he outdoes himself every single time, but that’s another story.

For those who aren’t familiar with James’ work, he is the master of ‘editing photos via Photoshop software’, or to put it plainly – photoshopping.

(For some reason, Adobe hates it when people use the name of their product as a verb. But I bet they use the word themselves – no one has time to say all those words instead of one.)

Here we go, young lady…

Hahahahaha, he actually did it…

Hah! In your face

Why does this beautiful young lady want to look prettier?

That’s something dangerous now…

Here we go, now just flood the river.

Now that’s a Harry Potter fan

James actually made her into a character.

Uhm, you want closed legs?

Closed they are.

A photo with Aaron Rodgers?

There was not much James could work with, but he performed excellently.

I don’t see that awkwardness

But now it’s just too awkward.

And beautiful you shall be

Wonder where I can get that VR?

He didn’t actually remove it…

But he did distribute it evenly.

That’s it, no staring anymore.

Voila! This man is a genius.

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James ‘The Photoshop Wizard’ Strikes Again.
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