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JEALOUS HUSBAND- How far is too far?

07 November 2019

Life is one major street with loads of signs. Red is such a fascinating shading to correspond with feeling since it’s on the two parts of the bargains. You can be the moon and still be envious of the stars. Envy is simply adored and despised simultaneously.

What’s more, a desirous spouse doesn’t question his significant other yet himself. Peruse in this silly story of a desirous a couple which will clearly fill your heart with joy.

Spouse Questions

Envious spouse: my better half where are you?

Spouse: at home love

Spouse: would you say you are certain?

Spouse: yes

Spouse: turn on the blender.

Spouse: (turns blender on) reeereeeereeee

Spouse: alright my affection farewell


JEALOUS HUSBAND- How far is too far?
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