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8 Major Cities Bound To Disappear By 2100

15 October 2018

Over the past two centuries, mankind has been advancing too fast for its own good. Technology and medicine have provided us with near perfect conditions for further population growth.

Unfortunately, this means more ideas for making money and a vast majority of those ideas include pollution and destruction of natural resources.

That way we keep destroying our planet in order to make ourselves richer, and that’s all we ever do. Nevertheless, the Earth will strike back.

It might be today, next month, next year or sometime in the next decade, but it will strike. And we’re already witnessing the prelude – you just have to read the signs.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that some cities are going to disappear in the next 100 years, mostly due to climate change and human negligence. This is the list of those cities.

San Francisco, USA

There is a 75% chance that an earthquake of a 7 or higher magnitude will happen sometime by the end of this century. It is going to destroy this city.

8 Major Cities Bound To Disappear By 2100
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