Ever Wonder Why Some Judges Break Nibs On Pens After Giving The Worst Sentence.

19 November 2018

In this day and age, giving the worst sentence is not an easy task. Nevertheless, as rare as it is, it’s still present.

It happens every once in a while, and after it does, some judges will break the nib of their pen and this is why they do it.

This type of sentence in not that common

The last measure of dealing with severe crimes is this type of sentence. It’s a quite rare form of sentencing, but when a judge makes the hardest decision he or she can, you’ll often see them breaking the nib of their pen.

The act of breaking

The reason why judges are breaking the nib has absolutely nothing to do with the fact they are the ultimate representatives of the law. However, it IS one of the most symbolic acts one can witness in a courtroom.

It’s hidden meaning

When you think about it, the hidden meaning is quite obvious – the broken nib ensures that the pen is never used to make that kind of sentence again.

It also symbolic of an ending life

Unfortunately, with the end of the pen’s life, the life of an actual person is ended as well.

There is an unspoken reason behind it

Breaking the nib also ensures that there will be no seconds thoughts on the verdict, or any possible overrulings.

It’s an act of distancing

As one of the hardest decisions a judge can make, the nib also serves as a way of distancing themselves from the sentence.

One of the oldest traditions

Nowadays, not many judges use an actual ink pen. Some of them use ballpoint pens, but those who make this type of sentence throw away the pen.

New, more humane sentences are coming

Whether someone deserves the most severe form of sentencing is not our call to make. The judges are tiring to come up with a more humane way of sentencing, one that wouldn’t oblige them to make ‘the final call’.

In the meantime, they will be getting rid of such pens and continuing the tradition – at least until a new form of sentencing is introduced.

Images source: insanefactsftw.com

Ever Wonder Why Some Judges Break Nibs On Pens After Giving The Worst Sentence.
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