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Do You Know Who This Girl Is? You’ve Been Seeing Her Everywhere

18 August 2018

Most of the ‘popular’ memes out there disappear after a while but some of them keep circling the web relentlessly. For example, during the meme inception, Patrick Stewart’s facepalm expression was the pretty much the single most used meme ever.

Since then, people have been sticking text on every single photo and calling it a meme. But one of the most recent memes with the same amount of impact as Stewart’s facepalm has been the ‘guy checking out girl’ meme.

Unlike the facepalm meme, this photo has become so many different memes that it’s impossible to track them all. And who doesn’t love the girl’s facial expression? Well, her name is Carla Ramos and more and more of her facial expressions are popping up across the Internet.

And they keep getting better

The photo of the girl being irritated by the distracted boyfriend has circled the globe on several occasions. I mean, how else would a girl react on her guy watching another girl.

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She’s not only the face behind the boyfriend

She also likes to spy on her boyfriend. You don’t want your guy to go cheating around, do you?

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Is this that girl in the red dress?

You can clearly see in the cover photo that the boyfriend is looking at a girl in a red dress, but Carla’s face when she figured out that it’s her… precious!

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She’s not making up

It’s sort of obvious that Carla knows how to react to a bouquet of flowers. Especially now that she knows he tried to cheat on her – and she’s not making up with him.

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On the other hand, she seems to be easily shocked

But her expressions are flawless. Who else gets shocked like this while they’re watching something on their phone?

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Her friends are in on the shocking game as well

Actually, it looks like she was friends with her boyfriend and the lady in the red dress. Before HE ruined it all.

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Wait a minute?

Did she just see the Amazon Prime sale? Yes, she did. Just look at her face!

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Laptops can be shocking as well

We can assume that Carla is easily shocked by anything with a screen. Including a laptop.

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I stand corrected

Well, it could be that she found a love letter from the lady in the red dress. Whatever the case may be, Carla is SHOCKED.

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This is how it all began

That was the first shocking face she made. That’s why he fell in love with her.

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Carla was all alone now

Eventually, Carla became addicted to being shocked. She now lives alone and is constantly shocked by everything around her.


Do You Know Who This Girl Is? You’ve Been Seeing Her Everywhere
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