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The Ear Makeup Is the Latest Hit and Everyone’s Trying It

13 May 2017

Do you remember when contouring was a big deal? People thought it was the craziest thing anyone could do. It seems that people who have poorly talked about contingency swallow their own words. It looks like it’s all now just a part of the norm.

The latest makeup trend is here, and I think it’s out of the contour. One thing is certain, but it’s much easier than the contours. The ear makeup is the latest trend, and it became very popular after being promoted to the catwalk by the models. We thought it was a little weird, but the more we see it, the more we start to like it. Strange, is not it? Here are 12 people who use the trend of ear makeup. You may like it!

Submerged in gold

Her makeup perfectly suits her earring. Unbelievable!

Dyed black

It looks as if it’s missing half. Send a search team!

Discharged in progress

A little touch never hurt anyone.

You can also pour the brilliance

Because putting makeup on the face is not enough.

Make points

It looks like it can be a siren ear.

You can make your ears shining like gold

This is actually my favorite appearance so far. I love how pretty it is.

You can give them a chromatic feeling

I really like the design on this ear. It is in good contrast with the red eye shadow.

The pearl is also quite popular

If you feel like you want to point out your face, then you will love this trend.

Everything is about glimmering

Ear make-up is such a good way to enhance the overall makeup look.

Add some glamor to your ear

If you do not want to wear a lot of makeup on your face, simply apply it to your ear. This is super glamorous and definitely gives a good look.

Make it shine!

Ear makeup makes earrings great. I like!

And if you do not know what to do, go with the pink

Ear makeup is a great way to add variety to your looks!

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The Ear Makeup Is the Latest Hit and Everyone’s Trying It
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