17 Pictures Showing The Magic of Living Alone

13 May 2019

Living alone can be fun and interesting, the main thing is to be able to see the pluses and enjoy them. We are fascinated by the works of illustrator Yaoyao Ma Van As, which shows the whole charm of one’s life.

You can take the time to pamper yourself

Be a bit scattered

Sometimes forget about propriety

And that there must always be order at home

And then with ecstasy to clean up at three o’clock in the morning

Postpone household chores for what’s more important

Leave your tracks everywhere

It’s only your house

It’s never sad here.

And if it does, it’s easily fixable

You can stay alone with your thoughts

Work enthusiastically when you want

And spend hours on what others would have thought was trifles

You can admire yourself infinitely

Shamelessly show emotions

And give an outlet to your mood

And let everyone decide for himself, whether it’s loneliness or freedom

Images source: yaoyaomavanas.com

17 Pictures Showing The Magic of Living Alone
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