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How You Make Your Signature Reveals so Many Things about Your Personality

19 April 2019

As some people believe that our date of birth or name reveals a lot about ourselves, there are people who think that many character traits are hiding in our handwriting. The way each of us writes is unique, and that is best seen in our signatures. They are part of our public persona (signing documents) but also our very intimate sphere (signing cards for friends).

It may be that we sign our name in the way we want us to be perceived by other people. The analysts in graphology came to some interesting conclusions and common grounds using comparisons and sometimes just basic common-sense rules. Here are some examples.
1. If You Write Big Capital Letters

A signature like this reveals a bold person who is very self-assured and aware of its own importance.

But it can also imply a certain arrogance or pretension. Or, like in President Obama’s example, a person who wants his presence noticed.
2. This Is What Straight, Unslanted Letters Mean

This appears as a fair, moderate way to write your signature. If it is legible and nicely written, it shows a person who is accessible and has an open mind.

If your signature is like this, you’re very honest and you will achieve great things in your career.
3. Underlining Your Name When You Sign It

Emphasizing and underlining a signature is apparently a sign of self-confidence.

If you do this, it shows that you’re striving for responsibility and social status. You want to show others that you are responsible and that you are a leader.
4. If Your Name Is Slanting Downwards

If a signature slants downwards, it suggests a person who is hesitant and uncertain.

It may look like you did it in a rush and a signature like this one could point to some pessimism or laziness. But it sure makes for a cool autograph if you’re famous.
5. What Does It Mean if You Only Sign Your Initials?

Many people sign their full first name and last name. But if a person chooses initials only, it can illustrate a private person.

It can say that the person is an introvert or even, point to old-fashioned values. Ironically, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, makes his signature this way.
6. A Big, Shiny, Stylized Signature

As many signature analysts agree on big signatures – this can be a sign of a person who needs recognition and wants to be heard.

But if you make it as the graffiti on the picture it also reveals your creative nature, fun side, and independence.
7. Signature Slanting Upwards

If a signature slopes upwards, the person is optimistic end energetic.

If you do it like this, you’re open to the world, to adventures, and to the future. You are a free spirit and a creative thinker.
8. Full-Stop at the End

Ever wondered why many people chose to add a full stop after their signatures?

It suggests a capable, stable, and strong individual. Signing your name like this also means that you have a lot of self-focus and determination.
9. Big Rushing Letters

Here’s another sign of a person who is quite self-confident and detailed. Big letters are a sign of optimism and the swooping shows people that you’re open to experience new things.

If you sign your name like this, it’s definitely more of a statement about yourself than just an average signature.
10. A First Name Is Easier to Read Than a Last Name

If your first name is easier to read, it shows a friendly individual. You are very easy to approach and meet new people.

You’re a straightforward person who likes honesty and has a lot of personal and business connections.
11. A Line at the End

People with signatures similar to this one are driven and dedicated.

You can see how creative this signature looks, however, the people could do this are slightly introverted. This way of signing your name is creative, and it could mean that you’ll have a career in the arts.
12. If You Sign Without a Last Name

How does it look to others when you only use your first name in your signature?

It can suggest relaxed behavior but also a clearly professional approach in business or simply a dislike for the last name.
13. If It’s Slanted to the Right

The experts say that it indicates a positive, outgoing, and open person. It also reveals that you have a lot of ambition.

However, slanting towards the left means that a person doesn’t push enough or work hard enough to turn goals into a reality.
14. A Simple Signature with No Details
And, for the end, when a person that doesn’t bother with the details, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is lazy and careless.

Depending on the neatness of the simple signature, it means that he or she considers embellishments to be unnecessary and rather focuses on something more important.

How You Make Your Signature Reveals so Many Things about Your Personality
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