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Meet The Real Hulk Who Looks More Muscular Than The Animated Version

29 June 2017

We have all dreamed of having superhuman powers like the ability to fly, control minds, or run really fast. Unfortunately the only people that actually have these types of powers are superheroes. After watching films like ‘The Avengers’, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a power like the Hulk.This guy is basically a big green dude that has superhuman strength the angrier he gets. He’s a pretty cool guy as long as you don’t get him angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.

Meet Sajad Gharibi. Gharabi is a 24-year-old weightlifter and has been called the Iranian Hulk due to his massive physique. When you see what he looks like, you’ll understand why.

According to his Instagram account, @sajadgharibii, he weighs 155 kg (341 pounds). He currently has over 282,000 followers that are all obsessed with his photos.

Sajad has a following of 282k on his Instagram where he posts about what he does best, bodybuilding. Although, the “Iranian Hulk” has revealed that he wants to join the forces and be a soldier.

Most of his photos are shirtless photos of himself and random pictures of his everyday life. He can lift up to 175 kilograms and he takes part in bodybuilding competitions.

This full body shot gives his viewers an idea of what his entire body looks like. As you can see his biceps. quads, pecs, are all HUGE!

People are now calling him the ‘Persian Hercules’ and the ‘Iranian Hulk.’ Do you see the resemblance?

He also has participated in many bodybuilding competitions representing his country.

His extraordinary physique and massive muscles have earned him several spots of a powerlifting. He is also famous for not having a neck.

Although most people are calling him ‘beast’ and feeling threatened because of his heavy personality.

His story and images have gone viral and have created a storm, on the internet after he unveiled his huge body from his Instagram account.

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Meet The Real Hulk Who Looks More Muscular Than The Animated Version
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