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This Is What Ms Trenchbull From ‘Matilda’ Looks Like Today

08 April 2019

What was your favorite childhood movie? Who was your favorite movie character? I have a rather long list of childhood movies full of amazing memories, but there was something special about ‘Matilda’.

At the time, it was her ever-present “sunny disposition” and the will to just make it out of there. Now when I look back at it, I start thinking about the motifs the main villain of the movie had.

Ah, Miss Trenchbull – one of the greatest villains of my childhood. Playing that role must have been super-hard for the actress Pam Ferris.

She was raised in New Zealand and the UK but was actually born in Germany.

Her villainous character was the stuff of nightmares for kids

She would throw kids around, stuff their faces with cake… she would do whatever would cross her mind.

The actress never had children of her own

She was always focused on work and by the time she got married (at the age of 38), she ended up not having kids. She always thought about having kids and that she would be an amazing mother, but life never got around to it.

When she was younger, she had a career as a choreographer and dancer. No wonder she knew how to spin and throw kids around.

For those who don’t know, the author of ‘Matilda’ was Roald Dahl

Now, many speculate that the inspiration for Miss Trenchbull comes from Liccy Dahl’s childhood headmistress. Liccy was also one of the producers for the movie.

Imagine having a childhood like that. Just thinking about it sends shivers up my spine.

Prior to Matilda, Pam Ferris never worked with children

Mrs. Ferris had a long discussion with Dany DeVito, the director, about her performance. She wanted try something new – she would stay in her character ALL THE TIME, even off the set.

But that did NOT go as planned

Kids were just too kind to her and her attempt to stay in the role all the time fell apart quickly.

Nevertheless, the role of Miss Trenchbull is still one of the most memorable childhood villains

Her character was made to look strong, buffed on steroids, mean and not emotional in any way. However, Mrs. Ferris look completely different in reality. She’s an average looking lady and if you haven’t seen ‘Matilda’, you’ve probably seen her in Harry Potter movies. Can’t make the connection? Well, just remember Aunt Marge and it’ll click.

Who was your favorite childhood villain? Share your favorites with the rest of us.

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This Is What Ms Trenchbull From ‘Matilda’ Looks Like Today
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