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Here’s How Much The Richest Man In The World Will Lose Because Of His Affair.

10 January 2019

Some of you might this hard to believe, but being the richest person in the world doesn’t necessarily mean that you ‘have it all’. On the contrary, being rich carries a whole new set of issues with it.

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and the richest man in the world, has been in a secret relationship with a former TV presenter Lauren Sanchez. The announcement ‘leaked’ into the public only hours after Bezos announced the split from his wife MacKenzie.

They were together for 25 years

One would think that having a ton of money would lead to love and prosperity, but that’s not the case with the Bezos. It turns out that, ever since miss Sanchez divorced from her husband last fall, something has been brewing between Bezos and her.

As of 2018, Jeff Bezos, father of four, is worth $130 billion which means that his wife will get half of that and rank among the top 10 richest people on the planet.

He was the one who announced the split

The couple had already been going through a trial separation, or as the man himself put it on his Twitter feed – they had a long period of ‘loving exploration and trial separation’.

To make everything more dramatic, the Bezos’ have been socializing with Sanchez and her ex-husband Patrick Whitesell for years now – both (ex)couples have houses in Seattle. It’s rumored that things got ‘heated’ when Sanchez started working for Bezos on one of his projects named ‘Blue Origin’.

Sanchez and Whitesell have been in an on and off marriage for quite some time

The couple had separated last year and Bezos was in the picture ever since. Even his wife MacKenzie knew her husband was with another woman, but it wasn’t public – not until a media source started claiming they were going to ‘out Bezos and Sanchez’.

According to the media source, Ms. Sanchez and Mr. Bezos had been enjoying themselves on his private jet. Neither of them was available for comments, and it was at that point that Bezos announced the split from his wife. As it stands at the moment, MacKenzie Bezos could become the richest woman in the world.

And just to put things into perspective – a split such as this one might seem like ‘another one of those celebrity splits’ to the rest of the world, but I’m sure that many don’t grasp the enormity of the separation.

Let’s put it this way – if you had a billion dollars and spent $1000 a day, you would need 2740 years to spend everything. Now multiply that by 65. Because that’s how much money his future ex-wife is going to get.


Here’s How Much The Richest Man In The World Will Lose Because Of His Affair.
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