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Nobody Can See The Hidden Animal. How About You?

02 July 2017

The bird’s color, shape and size blend in so well with the other leaves that it almost takes a solid squint to differentiate it from them. These little sight games help you concentrate, think, and learn to notice the tiny details in an image.   YouTube channel, Mind Oddities, has created a series of videos that put viewers to the test in finding  animals within pictures. The puzzles show for 30 seconds at a time before the answer is revealed. Pausing is not allowed.

There is an old proverb which says “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Can you use your perceptive powers to spot the bird hidden in the leaves below?

With each image the level of difficulty increases and the animal doesn’t always appear how you might imagine. Try to exercise those eyeballs and then keep them peeled to see how far you can make it through this video and see how many animals you can find!

It can take a good scan around the perimeters of the image before your eyes lock in on the animal. However, observance is a funny thing and it seems to take everyone a different amount of time to solve these puzzles.

When considering some of the more dangerous animals featured in this brain teaser, it’s a weary thought if you aren’t able to spot it in plain sight.

This is funny brain teaser and mind tricks with mind-blowing optical illusions. These puzzles are suitable to play with your friends, sister, brother, and family.

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Nobody Can See The Hidden Animal. How About You?
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