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Do NOT Turn Your Phone Upside Down While Looking at These 10 Pics

30 April 2019

Here is a collection of 15 extremely weird celeb photos that will tickle your imagination and even totally frighten you.

If you are looking at them on your phone, flip your screen around, and if you are on your computer, tilt your head, and you will see something that will totally change the way you understand your brain.

Before you start freaking out, there is a clever reason why these 15 celebs look the way they do when you flip these images around. Take a look.
1. Upside-Down Jennifer Lawrence

But doesn’t this photo look like a normal upside-down photo? All that will change if you flip your phone or tilt your head. Did you see it?
2. Angelina Jolie Will Totally Terrify You

In the 1980s, a photo of Margaret Thacher, the former Prime Minister of Britain, was first used for this optical illusion. After that, the illusion got a name and it’s called the ‘Thacher Effect.’
3. Britney Spears Will Make You Run Away

As our brains are programmed to see upright faces, many facial features can go unnoticed when turned upside down.

The inversion confuses the brain’s module for facial recognition. The illusion can trick almost everyone, but instead of just flipping the picture upside down, the ‘Thacher Effect’ doesn’t invert the eyes and mouth.
4. Ariana Grande Is Your Worst Nightmare

The key to these illusions is that our brains don’t notice that the eyes and mouth weren’t flipped in these images.
5. Kylie Jenner Will Never Look the Same Again

The reason why your brain thinks this is just a normal upside-down photo is related to the way your brain recognizes faces and understands facts.
6. The Way Your Brain Sees Adele

If you were totally creeped out when you flipped the photo, it means something about your brain. When it comes to facial recognition, the brain looks at specific details and parts on a face and then merges them together.
7. Steve Buscemi Looks Totally Normal, Right?

Psychologists found out that when you notice the details that haven’t been turned around on the image, it stimulates the same area of your brain and the effect tricks your brain.

The ‘Thatcher Effect’ was first discovered and created by a psychologist called Peter Thompson and it has been tricking people for over 35 years.
8. Nicki Minaj

Did you spot the illusion here before you flipped your phone? It didn’t work on me because if there’s a feature that really sticks out, like Nicki Minaj’s noticeable lips and makeup on this image, your brain figures out the illusion and spots the problem.
9. Justin Bieber’s Symmetry

His lips and mustache, eyes and eyebrows stayed the same, but when you saw the image upside down, they were inverted and that’s what turned Bieber into a walking nightmare.
10. Can You Recognize Him?

Do NOT Turn Your Phone Upside Down While Looking at These 10 Pics
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