Some People Always Fail To Check The Background Of Their Selfies.

31 October 2018

You don’t really think about what happens in the background until it’s too late. When was the last time you watched a movie and paid close attention to what’s going on behind the main actor/actress?

That’s why actors get awards for playing supporting roles. Believe me, it’s way more important that you initially thought. Just look at the background in these photos and it will all be clear.

That time you ordered food but someone got theirs before you did.

Now, that wouldn’t be an issue if you weren’t there first.

This is brilliant advertising.

Cruel, but brilliant.

That’s the largest sour worm I’ve ever seen.

Vintage dogs were idiots as well. No respect for the elders.

This is probably the best photo they have.

And they didn’t even know she was there.

Who said cops aren’t fun?

It looks like he’s not too happy about this, doesn’t it?

This guy took a selfie and saw the future self.

I took me a while on this one. You’ll figure it out.

This guy was looking for his keys. But what I want to know is, what is he doing with all these girls?

Pretty much no one cares that you’re taking a selfie.

And that’s rude, young man.

I always thought cats were idiots, but dogs aren’t that much better either.

Batman is in on it, too!

Not sure whether the seal is more entertaining or that nasty thing in the water waiting for leftovers.

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Some People Always Fail To Check The Background Of Their Selfies.
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