Some People Just Don’t Know How To Use A Hot Tub.

11 October 2018

We’ve all seen the ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ movie. You know, the one with John Cusack? Not the crappy sequel not featuring John Cusack.

If you haven’t, then you really need to watch it. It will teach you that rather interesting things can happen in a hot tub – wink wink.

I mean, not just interesting, but insane and creepy things that happen when you least expect them. That’s how we ended up with this little compilation.

For example, you might be chilling in a hot tub, not realizing that it’s way too heavy for the deck

The result of the thoughtless process below.

I wish we could all be bored enough to build a pool in Cadillac

I wish we could all have a Cadillac. Then we could sell it and build an actual pool.

This is me, not having a Cadillac

How’s your summer going?

It’s not the number of girls in that tiny hot tub that’s bothering me

It’s the guy in the background.

It’s a hot tub, not the open ocean

I bet he’s one of the Jackass role model generation remnants. That’s the image is low res.

There’s always this

Not a hot tub, but a tub in the hot Texas sun.

And then we have the redneck solutions

It’s one of those ‘thinking out of the box people’.

This self-made hot tub screams one thing


What do you call rednecks in Canada?

Canadanecks? Northnecks? Loonienecks? Toonienecks? I bet Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ would have a perfect word for it.

Indoor pool tub?

You gotta deal with thems summer days.

This is a Texan tub

I like that – Texan-tub.

The best tub out there.

The dog-tub. Tub & chill.

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Some People Just Don’t Know How To Use A Hot Tub.
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