Some People Should Just Stay In Bed For A Day.

02 January 2019

When your day starts off with a few hickups, you can hope that the rest of it won’t follow the same path. There’s no need to panic.

It can always get worse. But when your day starts in the worst way imaginable, then you can add your misfortunes to the list below.

That’s a clear sign you ought to stay in today

Maybe work is not that important.

His face says it all

He is most definitely getting fired.

Not sure why people do this to themselves

Save up money and go to an actual artist.

Where to you live, man?

How on Earth could this have happened without you hearing it?

Unfrotunately, always get worse

Now think about how bad your day is and make a comparison.

Do NOT, for the love of God, pull that out

Just let it sit there until you make your way to a mechanic.

When you ask for things, you get things

It all depends on what you asked for.

Stupid sign, that’s not correct

*Regrets poor life decisions 3 seconds later.

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Some People Should Just Stay In Bed For A Day.
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