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15 Photos Capturing How Ridiculously Cold AF It Is Across The US.

01 February 2019

Over the past decade, insane and weird weather has become a regular occurrence. Super extreme weather conditions with brutal consequences are happening a couple of times every year.

Australia just boiled in the recent record-breaking heatwave and on the opposite side of the globe, and the hemisphere, Midwestern US is experiencing a real ‘polar vortex’.

For those who haven’t checked what that is, it’s a band of strong winds up in the atmosphere and it keeps all the cold air locked around the Arctic region.

Every once in a while, that vortex drifts south and leads to record-breaking low temperatures with insanely fast winds. These are the reactions of people who faced ‘the vortex’.

How else would you make use of this polar vortex?

Not sure why he stripped down, but challenge accepted. Who’s ready to see one of your admins stripped? Not much of a sight, but my wife loves me the way I am. (He told himself and cried to sleep).

I’ve always been a fan of Wisconsin

Not sure what the think of this though.

This has become a tradition in Minnesota

Haven’t tried it yet. Any people who did? Share the photos if you have.

I’ve actually witnessed this happen before, but still…

The temperatures are super, super low.

Also, spaghetti in Chicago is best when you have them al dente

Blowing bubbles in freezing cold weather has never been more entertaining

It took me a while to figure out what actually happened here

The water tank exploded because the water froze. Only in Minnesooota.

For some reason, this guy’s landlord decided to turn down the heat, even though it’s -40 outside

So, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Chicago is notorious for cold winters but frozen doors?

Sure, why not, it’s 2019.

If you thought that firefighters are paid well, think again

Frozen car doors, frozen car tires…

Bring it on Winter!

The true colors of the Polar Vortex

And these are the inside doors!

It really does resemble those fancy Hollywood movies

Lake Michigan reminds of something I’ve already seen

What could it be?

Oh, I get it… We’re passed the due date for an ice age

And you know it’s serious when Winter gets that ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ vibe.

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15 Photos Capturing How Ridiculously Cold AF It Is Across The US.
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