If You Want To Prank Someone Here Are 15 Brilliant Prank Ideas

10 June 2016

1. Planting The Seeds

awesome pranks 1
Photo: flickr.com

2. Put An Airhorn Behind The Door

awesome pranks 2
Photo: justgetideas.com

3. Put Crayons On Someone’s Windshield Wipers

awesome pranks 3
Photo: needlive.com

4. That’s What I Cool A Prank

awesome pranks 4
Photo: grabberwocky.com

5. Zip-tie People’s Stuff

awesome pranks 5
Photo: newslinq.com

6. Replace Someone’s Office With Cardboard

awesome pranks 6
Photo: newslinq.com

7. Prank Them Parking Jerks!

awesome pranks 7
Photo: blazepress.com

8. That’s An Awesome Car Prank

awesome pranks 8
Photo: reddit.com

9. Paint Soap With Clear Nail Polish

awesome pranks 9
Photo: emgn.com

10. Make Someone’s Office A Rat-Infested Place

awesome pranks 10
Photo: buzger.com

11. An Airhorn Under A Chair Is A Classic

awesome pranks 11
Photo: gabworthy.com

12. An Excellent Idea For April Fools!

awesome pranks 12
Photo: needlive.com

13. Licking The Pringles – Another Awesome Classic!

awesome pranks 13
Photo: sopitas.com

14. More Classic April Fools Pranks!

awesome pranks 14
Photo: pinterest.com

15. Sticker-Pranks Someone’s Office!

awesome pranks 15
Photo: pelfusion.com

If You Want To Prank Someone Here Are 15 Brilliant Prank Ideas
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