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Prisoners Meals

17 April 2019

Henry Hargreaves, from New Zealand, is a photographer who made a series named “No Seconds” where he tried to re-imagine the final meals that some of the most famous prisoners on death row have requested.

He says that while the death penalty is something that many developed countries wouldn’t even consider, the ability to offer a choice for the last meal was very intriguing to him.

So what kind of food would serial killers and ruthless criminals pick before going to meet their fate? Take a look.
1. Ronnie Lee Gardner’s Last Meal

Gardner was a murderer but before getting executed, he wanted to feed his soul and his body.

Besides ordering some steak and a lobster, and enjoying a refreshing 7-Up with some vanilla ice cream at the end, he also requested the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy which he watched before his final hour. What a way to go.
2. Victor Feguer’s Last Meal

In 1963, Feguer was sentenced to hang. His crime? Murder and kidnapping got him sentenced to death.

His last request was peculiar, he wanted only one olive. He requested to get the full olive, including the pit. He thought a tree would grow from his body because of the pit.
3. John Wayne Gacy’s Last Meal

He was executed in Illinois at age 52. For his last request, he couldn’t go without KFC.

He used to be a KFC manager, so maybe he just wanted to revisit the past, or maybe he just really loved KFC. He had a pound of strawberries for desert.
4. Timothy McVeigh’s Last Meal

Timothy didn’t care about his health too much. The Oklahoma City bomber was guilty of 168+ murders.

He tried to satisfy his hunger and sweet tooth one last time with some ice cream. The flavor? It was mint chocolate chip!
5. Allen Lee “Tiny” Davis’ Last Meal

He was executed when he was 54 years old, previously charged with robbery and three murders in Florida.

His last meal was quite rich and for the main course, he had some fried clams and garlic bread, along with fried shrimp and potatoes.

He also had one lobster tail and washed it down with root beer.
6. Angel Nieves Diaz’s Last Meal

He was convicted of several murders, robbery with weapons, and kidnapping.

He refused his final meal request but instead of eating the regular meal from the prison, he refused that one too. He faced death with an empty stomach.
7. Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Ferdinando Nicola Sacco’s Last Meal

Sentenced and convicted for two murders back in 1920, these two criminals who were in an anarchist movement didn’t have plenty of food to choose from.

This was their final meal: meat, soup, toast. They also had a cup of tea.
8. Teresa Lewis’ Last Meal

Teresa Lewis was guilty of murdering her husband and she wanted for her last meal to remind her of her happy marital days.

She had fried chicken for the main course, with a side of buttered peas. For dessert, she had an apple pie and washed it all down with Dr. Pepper.
9. Ronnie Threadgill’s Last Meal

Unfortunately for Ronnie, the state of Texas forbade prisoners from asking for their last meal, so he never got the chance to express his creativity.

Threadgill got a regular prison meal instead and ate with the inmates before his final hour.

These were his final words: “To my loved ones and my dear friends, I love y’all and appreciate y’all for being there. I am going to a better place. To all the guys back on the row, keep your heads up, keep fighting. I’m ready. Let’s go.”
10. Ted Bundy’s Last Meal

The notorious murderer Ted Bundy was someone everyone was afraid of in the seventies. He claimed that he murdered 30 or more people in 4 years.

For his meal, he refused to ask for a one, and when he got the regular prison meal, he still rejected it.
11. Ricky Ray Rector’s Last Meal

Rector killed a police officer and he was sentenced to death. His last meal request included a juicy steak with a bit of fried chicken, watering it all down with some Kool-Aid.

He ate everything except the pecan pie, telling the guard that he’ll eat it “later”.
12. Stephen Wayne Anderson’s Last Meal

Anderson was arrested and went down for shooting an 81-year-old piano teacher.

Two grilled cheese sandwiches were his final meal – he also requested cottage cheese and corn. For desert, he had a pint of ice cream and peach pie! What an appetite!

Prisoners Meals
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