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The Real Reason Why People Leaving Luxury Cars Behind In Dubai

13 May 2019

Buying a luxury car is not a child’s play. But, there have been incidents in Dubai where people have abandoned their luxury cars like they don’t care! The police have found about 3000 such cars so far and there might be more. But what is the reason?

Left behind in a parking building, this Lamborghini has accumulated a lot of dust over the months but has not been claimed.

Costing over a million dollars, this beast of a car was found abandoned at an airport, with no one claiming it!

The reason these cars are abandoned is the Shariyat law that makes it illegal to let go your debts unpaid.

If you pay for a car with a cheque and the cheque bounces, you could end up in jail.

Therefore, such offenders are abandoning the cars and fleeing the country.

The fate of these cars has therefore brought them to the streets.

If such cars abandoned for more than 15 days are found by the cops, they leave a notice and impound the vehicle.

If you fall behind on your car payments, bounce a check, stop paying your credit card, or default on your mortgage, you go to prison. There is no bankruptcy protection in the UAE.

This means that all those fancy cars gathering dust in airport parking lots across the UAE were abandoned by owners who chose to escape the country instead of going to prison.

Many people took out big loans for fancy cars when things were booming as a way to keep up with their peers. Things then took a turn, and many decided to fly the coop rather than face jail time.

Both locals and foreigners are being blamed for abandoning their expensive cars.

When police discover an abandoned car, they issue a warning notice. If the owner fails to appear after 15 days, the car is impounded.

Most impounded vehicles are never claimed by their owners.

Police then auction off the cars, usually for pennies on the dollar.

Sadly, the trend of luxury cars being abandoned in Dubai shows no signs of slowing. On average, police in Dubai recover around 3,000 abandoned luxury cars every year.

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The Real Reason Why People Leaving Luxury Cars Behind In Dubai
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