Chris Evans Went To His 20-Year High School Reunion And Fans Lost It

12 May 2019

If I could an Avenger to spend a day with, it would definitely be Chris Evans. There’s no need to talk about how awesome this guy is, it’s all out there on the Internet.

This time he decided the ditch his Avengers posse and head out to his 20-year high school reunion. He was already vocal about his love towards his home town, but no one saw this coming.

Chris Evans is a stand-up guy

His Twitter fan base went into a frenzy when they found out he was going to his high-school reunion.

The reunion wasn’t one of those high school musical scenes where people gather around, dance and sing thankfully for surviving 20 years after high school

The reunion was lowkey, in a restaurant in Sudbury, Mass. As soon as he got there, photos started popping up online…

No one expected him to show up…

One would think that being him meant that high school reunions were below him, but humble Chris thought otherwise. He even had a nametag…

Imagine that… the movie you’re in is breaking records and you’re chilling with people from your high school.

For some reason, people couldn’t deal with the fact that he actually wore a name tag

I mean, there are people who have never seen the movies… just the other day a big (like BIIIG) techtuber said he hasn’t seen a single Avengers movie. He probably wouldn’t know who Chris is – hence the nametag.

Imagine seeing a ton of people taking photos with a random dude with a nametag…

…then asking everyone who that guy is. That would be hilarious. (As if no one has seen The Fantastic Four movies, please)

But the moment he walked into the restaurant and people saw him…

I just got chills and I wasn’t even there. Keep up the good work Chris.

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Chris Evans Went To His 20-Year High School Reunion And Fans Lost It
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