Russian Guy Injects Own Semen Into Egg, Results Will Wake The Hell Out Of You!

02 June 2016

1. Scientists Are Famous For Crazy Experiments

crazy scientist 1

There are countless scientists who perform some of the most insane experiments. One Russian scientist decided to perform an experiment that would shock the world.

2. The Russian Scientist In Question Performed A Shocking Experiment

crazy scientist 2

For some reason, he decided to inject his own semen into an egg. Once he was done with injecting, he let the egg rest in an incubator for 10 days.

3. Then He Hatched It

crazy scientist 3

Ten days later, he took the egg out of the incubator and cracked it open. Can you guess what came out?

4. Half Chicken/Half Man

crazy scientist 4

Science calls this DIY genetic engineering – something not everyone should mess with…

5. The Suspense Increased

crazy scientist 5

While he was making the video, the Russian scientist was taking his time, thus increasing the suspense…

6. He Put The Egg Shell Aside…

crazy scientist 6

Once he was done with the shell, he put it aside and took the pliers. The ‘thing’ that came out once in the cup all covered in fluid…

7. The Following May Be Disturbing

crazy scientist 7

He used the pliers to pull out a weird skeletal mass… Of course, the thing was not alive, but he was able to create a new life form. Something you shouldn’t do…

8. What Did He Make?

crazy scientist 8

These experiments are always a mistake. People should not mess around with nature so easily. Check out the skeleton.. It looks creepy, doesn’t it?

Russian Guy Injects Own Semen Into Egg, Results Will Wake The Hell Out Of You!
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