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Science Gives 8 Reasons Why Your Partner Cheats On You.

02 November 2018

The stories of the infidelity in relationships were immortalized by film directors and bestseller authors so many times, we listened to them from relatives and neighbors, and perhaps we experienced them ourselves.

What drives a person to do something like that? Whose fault is it? These are the questions we often ask ourselves when we hear about another scam. Psychologists have their own views about fraud, and scientific experiments reveal which circumstances increase the risk of fraud.

There’s a lack of emotional intimacy

The inability to talk openly with your partner and lack of support make men and women scam. There is a stereotype that men are the main motive of a physical nature.

However, in the book “The Truth about Cheating,” Marital Advisor Gary Neuman says that 47% of his male clients who cheated on their partner talked about the absence of emotional intimacy. The situation also complicates that men do not like to show feelings and women can be overwhelmed by the fact that a partner needs support. You’ll notice that much later or ignore it altogether.

If they’ve done it before, they’ll do it again

If a person has already had a cheating experience in a previous relationship, it is very likely that he will do the same in a new relationship.

It is also interesting that the environment has an influence on someone’s tendency to cheat. In an anonymous poll, more than 75% of men who committed adultery said that their friends are also cheating on women.

Intimacy can become monotonous

Lack of new emotions in intimate life, the reason is why 70% of men and women are deceptive. People who say this as a reason for deception say that their relationship is generally happy: without big scandals, problems and disappointments.

Middle-age crisis causes vulnerability

Everyone finds a moment in his life when he begins to question everything he has done so far. Some people conclude that everything is fine and others experience the so-called crisis of the middle ages and become susceptible to temptation.

Research has shown that this usually happens in the 29th, 39th and 49th years – before they start a new decade of life. Of course, this does not mean that a good family man and a gentle husband will suddenly start cheating as soon as he is 39 years old. Some years are just an additional factor that can aggravate other circumstances that deceive people.

Too much interest in social networks

In relationships in which one of the partners spend too much time on Twitter or other social networks, the risk of fraud increases. Social network addicts will easily get up early or go to sleep after a partner just to spend time on social networks.

Virtual relationships can lead to a quarrel with a partner and turn into real ones. Both factors create a favorable environment for adultery.

Often business trips out of a sudden

According to one poll, more than a third of adulteries are successful businessmen who cheat women during business trips. 13% of women had an affair at work. The probability of fraud at work increases from 6-9 years of marriage: this year they are the worst and require a lot of effort and dedication.

There’s an oxytocin deficiency

Oxytocin, a hormone that increases when we grumble and kiss, plays an important role in creating and maintaining trust in the relationship. Scientists think that the lack of this hormone can be a trigger for cheating.

In one experiment, several married men were given oxytocin, and then they met them with an attractive woman and they told them that they could approach her as much as they wanted. Participants who received a dose of this hormone insisted on a greater distance between them and women than those who received a placebo.

You just don’t know how to live differently

There are people who can not imagine their life without the dose of adrenaline that accompanies cheating. Regardless of years, experience and other criteria, these people cheat, and they justify themselves by saying that they can not act differently.

The right reasons for this behavior vary and can be deeply hidden. It is true that some people are very difficult and almost impossible to be monogamous.

Few more words on cheating

Specialists point out that in general, the set of factors becomes the reason for the scam, not just one of them. In addition, some couples do not grow up and try to preserve marriage. Some marriages after adultery become much more powerful.

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Science Gives 8 Reasons Why Your Partner Cheats On You.
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