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Science Says You Have to Get Rid of Red or Black Bed Sheets RIGHT NOW. Why? So DISTURBING!

28 April 2019

Did you know that the main food of the common bedbug is our blood?

That is incredibly freaky and it probably gave you goosebumps, but what’s even scarier is that those people who had the pleasure of meeting them, know how annoying and dangerous they can be.

But can we get rid of them? Scientists from Nebraska and Florida have gathered up in order to give an answer to that question. Here is what they found out.
1. The Great Bedbug Will Give You Nightmares

The name derives from the favorite habitat of this bug and that is, of course, the bed.

In general, they are nocturnal creatures and are not spotted easily. These horrifying creatures love warm conditions and they feed on you without you even noticing.

2. Everything Was Taken Into Account

In the studies, the scientists placed a selection of bedbugs into small dishes and gave them no more than 10 minutes to choose their preferred hiding place.

They had to decide which color of bed sheets to choose. Various tests were performed based on their choice.
3. The Results Were Surprising

The small dishes contained tiny cards with a different color on them. Those cards resembled a hiding place or a tiny tent.

Many bedbugs were tested based on their age and genders and the scientists even did group tests to see which group of bugs, as opposed to just one bug, chose which color.

After the extensive data was analyzed, the bed sheet colors that most of the bed bugs approached first were black and red!
4. Their Initial Hypothesis Was Wrong

It was thought that the main reason for them approaching black and red first was because red is the color of blood.

What seems to be the case is that the bugs were only choosing these colors in order to find other bed bugs in the room!
5. Will This Make You Change Your Bed Sheets Forever?

The data doesn’t lie and the fact that they chose black and red to get closer to other bedbugs means there could be more of them if you use these sheet colors in your home.

So you could go for the other colors that don’t attract them.
6. But How Do We Fight Them?

In case they still pay you a visit, the extermination of these bugs often requires different methods.

Extermination will require frequent use of strong pesticides. However, it’s likely that those pesticides won’t work since the bugs became resistant to them. Strong pesticides that could exterminate them were banned in 2012.
7. It Is Not Over Yet

Doctor McNeil, one of the researchers on this project, is pointing out that they are only halfway through their research. Who knows what they might discover next?

The numbers of bedbug infestations have increased since 1995 and scientists are working around the clock to solve this problem.

Science Says You Have to Get Rid of Red or Black Bed Sheets RIGHT NOW. Why? So DISTURBING!
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