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Sistine Stallone Has Finally Came Out From Her Father’s Shadow And Here’s What She Looks Like Now

18 July 2017

Silvester Stallone is one of the most famous actors in the world, who has gone a long way from sleeping at the bus station to numerous awards, primarily for his unique role of Rocky Balboa. Since his first major role in 1976, he has played in many movies and won many awards. However, no matter how these awards are important to him, surely they are not nearly as close as his children are.

This 70-year-old actor has got two sons, one of whom has unfortunately died, and with his wife Jennifer Flavin he has 3 daughters, Sofia, Sistine and Scarlet.

However, none of his children went to his father’s acting footage, but one of his daughters got into the focus of interest. She chose another life call and in all likelihood it’s a good way to obscure her father.

The middle daughter of Silvester Stallone, a 19-year-old Sistine, got out of her father’s shadow and stepped into the fashion world. Although very young, she can already boast of numerous contracts and achievements in this area.

She collaborated with the most famous brands and fashion houses, such as D & G, and TopShop, whose debut was for the first time wandering during the London Fashion Week.

Not only that she is beautiful, Sistine is also very intelligent and worthwhile even at her education. She recently finished high school with the best grades and her parents are very proud of her.

In addition to appearing at the most important fashion events, Sistine enjoys the normal life of a young girl, which we can see on the photos she publishes on social networks.

All three daughters faithfully accompany their father’s career and appear with him at important events. She is proud of the success of her father, who won the Golden Globe last year.

It seems that this beauty will only glitter, but it is undoubtedly that this great actor has many reasons to be proud of his family.

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Sistine Stallone Has Finally Came Out From Her Father’s Shadow And Here’s What She Looks Like Now
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