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Terrifying Stories About Most Horrific Incidents In History

30 April 2019

The world is filled up with horrific accidents and gruesome people who are capable of the most awful deeds and unimaginable actions. However, we all have dark sides. Some of the Reddit users shared theirs with the internet:

“In September 1944 during WWII, an American airplane crashed near the Japanese island of Chichijima, with nine servicemen on board. Only one man was rescued by an American submarine, the other 8 were taken by the Japanese. Without going into the details, through some time and events the Japanese ended up EATING those servicemen. But that’s not the weird part. The one serviceman who was rescued was George H. W. Bush.”

-Reddit user: Wheelio

“There’s an HBO documentary called Child of Rage about a six-year-old with reactive attachment disorder, who repeatedly tortured animals, molested her brother and attempted to kill her adoptive parents by entering their bedroom at night with a knife. The documentary shows her calmly telling her therapist about the incidents. “

-Reddit user: j_stack

“When a pregnant woman and her children are found murdered, the suspect was a creepy high school student who lived in the neighborhood. But this wasn’t his first offense. When he was 15 he had been stalking a family and tied them up. They managed to escape but when they called the police, Danny was missing. Two weeks later when the family returned, they found Danny had been living in their house, pleasured himself on most of their belongings, but he was still missing. Police did a third extensive search and found he had been living in a hole in the wall behind the washing machine.”

-Reddit user: [EXPLETIVE]ofthemountain

“On vacation with her family, Amy disappeared from a cruise ship on its way to Curacao in 1998. Years later, photos of her that very much resembled her, were sent to her parents. The photos looked like she had been sold into adult slavery. Multiple people have claimed to have seen her through the years, including sketches of people she was seen with, but she has never been found.”

-Reddit user: deleted

“There was a French doctor during WWII that would promise Jewish refugees to help them leave Europe. When the arrived at his home on the day of departure, they brought their precious belongings and he’d give them a special “vaccine” since they were going to South America. The vaccine would kill them, and he took their stuff and made some pay a high fee for his help in the first place. He dissolved their corpses in the basement using acid.”

-Reddit user: do_a_flip

“There’s a recording of Jim Jones’s speech on the night at Jonestown where hundreds of people committed mass suicide by drinking juice laced with cyanide. You can hear them dying in the background and his delirium is chilling.”

-Reddit user: AutumnMusick

“There were a few pig farmers from British Columbia in Canada. One of them, Robert Pickton, would hire and bring hookers to his farm, then kill them. After he was done with them he’d feed them to the pigs. The number of dead women was up to 27.”

-Reddit user: ItsMathematics

“A 58-year-old man lived alone in Japan and heard a bunch of noises at night, and started noticing things in his house out of place or missing. He installed video cameras and it turns out a homeless woman had been living in his attic and cupboards for up to a YEAR, undetected. The man contacted police and after a huge search of his property, found the woman hiding in a built-in cupboard designed to store bedding and mattresses.”

-Reddit user: deleted

“A serial rapist performed a series of home-invasion rapes in Sacramento in the mid-70s. He would frequently break into homes in the day and set up for his crimes like guns, leave pieces of rope to use during the attack, and remove screens from windows. He would call victims before and after their attacks and leave messages. In 1979 he vanished. One man who declared he would stand up to the attacker to the media. The couple ended up being targeted next.”

-Reddit user: rll87

“There was an institute for the mentally disabled on Staten Island known as Willowbrook. Most of the patients were left unattended. It was a nightmare. The place was shut down but that was only the beginning. Years later a man named Andre Rand who attended the facility, kidnapped two girls and was given the name “Cropsey” after a myth of the forest-dwelling ax-murderer. The body of one girl was found, but the whereabouts of the other was never found.”

-Reddit user: Prodsynth

“In the early twenties, a man named Andrew Kehoe was elected as a treasurer of a school board in Bath, Michigan. People found him difficult to work with. His wife became sick with tuberculosis, and the cost of her treatment put a strain on their finances. He ran for a position for town clerk which he had been filling but was rejected the job. He took things from the town personally, and he vowed to get payback. He got a job as a school janitor and placed explosives in the basement of the school. It blew, killing and injuring several children and people. Eventually, they found his wife beaten to death in their home, and when Kehoe arrived at the school, he had rigged his truck with explosives and blew it, killing several more people.”

-Reddit user: resurrection_man

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Terrifying Stories About Most Horrific Incidents In History
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