The Last Time This Man Had a Shower Was 60 Years Ago… You’ll Be Horrified to See How Creepy He Looks Now

31 August 2017

After more than 60 years without taking a bath, this Iranian man has a hard damaged body and mind. These are shocking photos of a man who is living like an isolated animal.

Amou Haji hands look as if they belonged to a caveman.

Living in Dejgah village in Southern Iranian province of Fars, Haji survives on rotten porcupine meat and actually admits the fact that he gets angry at people who tell him to bathe.

Haji attributes his eccentric lifestyle choice to emotional problems he suffered during childhood.

He consumes animal feces and smokes five cigarettes a day. Now that makes anyone pukish.

Haji claims to have suffered “emotional setbacks” in his youth, which eventually led to his decision to live the way he does.

However, he failed to mention just what those emotional setbacks were

He wears a war helmet not to fight off the enemy in the battle field but to keep away from the bitterly cold winters.

Amou Haji’s favorite food is rotten meat of dead animals specially porcupines and when asked to eat clean food and drink clean water he gets mad.

People have reported seeing him checking out his hairstyle in car mirrors. Well at least he cares about his hair.

Haji scavenges for dead animals to keep up his lifestyle of filth.

Though he calls his hole home, he also has the option of a small brick shack for shelter

While his lifestyle might seem eccentric (at the very least), he seems to be living a happy life and will likely continue to do so until he dies.

We all have so many things we think we can’t live without, like a shower

Different food and drinks

Mobile phones

A comfortable, warm bed


What we consider as the most essential thing for our survival seems to be the Wi-Fi password

Technology like TV’s

And sometimes we forget what really matters in life: Our friends and family

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The Last Time This Man Had a Shower Was 60 Years Ago… You’ll Be Horrified to See How Creepy He Looks Now
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