Some Things You Can Only Be Seen In Asia, And Nowhere Else.

11 October 2018

Every part of the world has something that makes it unique. However, when it comes to being unique, Asia is one of the most diverse, yet still, distinctive corners of our planet.

In comparison to the Western countries, Asia has an entirely different view on life – in general. If you haven’t been to Asia before, this will give you a glimpse of the ‘situation’ in the Far East.

Love is often confusing.

But not for these two. They love at home, in public, on public transport…

Toilet slippers? Yes, I’ll take them.

Where else would you see this than in Asia?

We have a cherry coke, why wouldn’t we have a cherry potato?

Only in Asia, people.

I know what you’re thinking, but this is not a maze.

Believe it or not, this is a QR code.

China knows the importance of having a full day battery, but that’s impossible with the majority of smartphones today.

That’s why they have power banks available for renting.

What do you mean you can’t open a coconut?

You can buy pre-opened coconuts in Asia.

Resting with a view? I’ll take it.


Where else would you get a chance to try all this food?

Have you heard about the heated benches?

I know I haven’t, but now I want them in my city.

For me, going to IKEA is pretty much straightforward.

Get in, buy, get out. In Asia, a day at IKEA looks like this.

Game shows are extremely popular in Asia.

In this particular game show, people are supposed to figure out if things are made out of chocolate or not.

This waterfall ‘opened’ quite recently.

Who says you can’t make a skyscraper more natural.

Imagine a game show with people drinking beer in order to determine who can drink more.

Except they do it to determine who can drink most in the province.

Believe it or not, there aren’t many big dogs in Korea.

This guy tied a golden retriever to a pole so he could use a restroom and came back to a bunch of people looking at the dog.

Also, not all Asians are traditional.

Most of them are extremely fun – you just have to get to know them first.

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Some Things You Can Only Be Seen In Asia, And Nowhere Else.
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