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Things You Shouldn’t Do When Traveling To These 17 Countries!

05 October 2017

Each country on this world is unique and it has its own traditions we should all try to respect. For all of us who like to travel, it is very important to be aware and to consider those rules and traditions when we decide to visit those countries. We found some travel mistakes people do when they visit specific countries. Always try to research your travel destination before going there.

France – Don’t speak or ask someone about money. That kind of conversation is impolite in many countries, especially if you are in France.

Ukraine – Don’t give even number of flowers to anyone. As in most Slavic countries, people bring even number of flowers only to the cemeteries.

New Zeeland – Don’t honk, otherwise you’ll insult people. At New Zeeland, honking is often intended to insult another driver in traffic.

Japan – Don’t leave tips because providing best service is normal in this country.

Mexico – Don’t get offended or mad at locals’ jokes because they love to makes a lot of jokes and they are actually really funny.

Norway – Don’t ask about going to church. Norwegians will consider this question rude, cause many of them don’t go to church.

Turkey – Don’t show OK gesture cause it’s obscene and very offensive gesture.

UK – Don’t ask how much people earn cause this question can make people feel uncomfortable.

Ireland – Don’t try to imitate their accent cause they don’t think they have any accent at all.

Germany – Don’t ever congratulate birthday to someone before the day. In Germany, they believe that the person may not live to the birthday if gets congratulations before their birthdays.

Kenya – Don’t call people by name first. You need to wait until someone has called you by the name first.

Chile – Don’t eat with your hands because here manners actually matter. A lot.

Singapore – Don’t eat in public transport, feed birds and throw garbage and also don’t spit on the street. They consider it very rude cause manners also matter here.

USA – Don’t forget to leave tips. Contrary to Japan, it is obligatory an its different depending of service you use.

Italy – Don’t order cappuccino in restaurants. Well, you can do it, but the waiter will be very surprised, cause they usually drink cappuccino for breakfast.

Hungary – Don’t click glasses when toasting. This is very old habit, but some people still prefer to avoid it. Avoid it especially when you are drinking beer.

China – Don’t give clock or umbrella as a present to someone in China because people here believe this bring bad luck.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Traveling To These 17 Countries!
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