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This Adventurous Woman Restores Old Van To Travel The World With Her Rescue Dog

09 June 2017

Marina Piro is a woman who has decided to take charge of her life and live it in the best way possible. Although born in Italy, she has chosen the bohemian way of life – travelling from place to place in an old restored van with her pet dog Odie. Her old van which is a 5-door 2001 Renault Kangoo, is named Pam, which she restored herself after two months of research and on a budget of £500.

She told :“I will travel for as long as I can…Whether it’s with Pam or with a different means of transport.”

“My plan is not to see as many places as possible but to really experience and get to know the places I go.”

This is how her van originally looked like.

She knew nothing about car renovation before she started with the project. “For real, I learnt everything on the spot,” she told.

“The van works in fact aren’t perfect (I cannot cut anything straight and I always get my measurements wrong), but it serves me just alright”

She ripped out the interior before turning the blank canvas into her very own cozy space.  She installed LED lights…

And also a floor…

She added curtains…

And comfortable bed…

There’s even a little kitchenette.

And why is she doing this? Because she is bitten by wanderlust and is brave enough to chase her own dreams. She even created a blog 2 and an Instagram page 3 to empower and inspire other woman to follow their heart.

As she says, “I believe that every choice of lifestyle is “cool” if it’s what you truly want to do whether it’s travelling, being a home mum or throwing yourself into a finance career..

The blog was really created to make women feel like they could convert a van if they wanted to, even if they are alone/clueless/manless…

Many women tell me ‘I wish I could do it, but would have no idea of where to start” or “I’m not brave enough to follow my dream.’ Well, they now have no excuse!”

No matter who you are, what you do and where you come from – it’s never too late to begin anew and start living the life you want as long as you’re truly passionate and persistent. You are in control of our own life and instead of making excuses you should focus on what you have, make the most out of it and remain always positive.

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This Adventurous Woman Restores Old Van To Travel The World With Her Rescue Dog
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