Ever Wondered Why Toilet Stall Doors Aren’t Fully Enclosed

03 June 2016

1. Full Door VS Stall Door

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There are many debates regarding full doors and stall doors in public restrooms, whether stall door restrooms are cleaner or not.

2. Maybe You Prefer Open Restrooms?

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Some people don’t like stall or full door restrooms. They say it makes them feel claustrophobic and that the restrooms are dirtier due to closed space. And some wonder why they even make stall doors?

3. Stall Doors

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When you think about it, why don’t they make doors that go all the way to the floor? There’s plenty of space above them for air to move.

4. In Case Of Emergency?

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One of the reasons why they make stall doors is so they can help someone in case of emergencies. Still, trying to imagine the emergency, though.`

5. Easy To Maintain And Install

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Not only are stall doors cheaper, they can be installed with ease and require far less maintenance than full size doors.

6. You Can Tell If It’s Occupied

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Stall doors can tell you if there’s a person there or not, without opening the doors.

7. Out Of Toilet Paper?

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These doors can come in handy when your run out of toilet paper.

8. Can’t Get “Locked In”

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In case you get locked accidentally, stall doors make it easier to get out. Public restrooms really can get claustrophobic.

9. Do It On Your Own Terms

stall door 9
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Still, nothing beats the privacy of your own bathroom, a place where you get to be yourself as long as you want. Combine that with a view and you’re good to go.

Ever Wondered Why Toilet Stall Doors Aren’t Fully Enclosed
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