These Are Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends That Happened To Humanity

12 January 2018

Some shocking trends are justified regardless of the fire they get, however others are unreasonably reprimanded. To isolate out the really shocking from the only crude, we’ve finished ten of the “most noticeably bad” fashion trends, and appraised them for how awful they really are!

1) Strapless dresses was something so unpractical that like devil itself designed them. You needed to constantly pull them up to not show something you shouldn’t.

2) Bell bottoms marked 70’s and age of disco. However, they were so unpractical, imagine driving a bike in these and getting caught by bike chain.

3) UGG’s do not need much explaining. The salt stains on them, the fact that they are not waterproof or bad quality of those. All the reasons on why to regret designing these ever.

4) Carrying a logo of the brand is making human walking billboards. This is something worst that happened to fashion ever.

5) Why did we all collectively decide to wear clothing that advertises how uncomfortable it is? The cold shoulder shirt did just that.

6) Double denim, denim on denim is just plain wrong.

7) Leggings as pants. You just have to listen to those comments: “Those are not real paaants, maaan!”

8) Individuals give fire print unfavorable criticism for being “shabby” and “senseless” and “resembling a 1980’s trucker decal” however tune in. Individuals wearing fire print pants are experiencing their tasteless, crude truth, and I gotta acclaim them for it.

9) The society has been really harsh on these, but, why? One must feel really comfortable in these! Live you live to the fullest!

10) These “homemade” writings on shirts are always a mistake… No explanation needed.

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These Are Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends That Happened To Humanity
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