He Transformed These Old Shipping Containers Into A Beautiful Home In Woods

13 May 2019

Camping is one of my favorite activities. Whether setting up a tent, sleeping under the stars, or staying in a cabin, vacationing in the middle of the woods can be beautiful and relaxing. So when I saw this incredible cabin in the woods, I absolutely couldn’t believe it.

Joseph Dupuis of Ottawa, Canada took three unassuming shipping containers and turned them into a beautiful 355 square foot house. The containers cost $3,400 each and the end result is nothing short of spectacular!

The floor plan is completely open making the home feel expansive and airy. The neutral color scheme and hardwood floors throughout make the space flow nicely without being broken up visually. The bathroom is also open to the rest of the home including the frosted shower stall so this home isn’t built for privacy!

On one end of the home, you have the large living room complete with a wood-burning fireplace and plenty of room for a large couch and furniture. The owner uses one wall as storage for his chopped wood so he doesn’t have to brave the elements to stay warm.

The middle container serves as a dining room and kitchen combo with a small kitchen area against the back wall and a glass dining table.

Choosing a glass top table in tiny homes is a smart choice as it doesn’t take up as much visual space. The wall of windows and double doors adds tons of natural light to the home eliminating the need for windows to be cut in the metal exterior.

When the owner is away, he simply closes the containers and rests assured that his home is safe and secure in his absence. We think his layout is genius and proves that it doesn’t take much to turn these simple containers into cozy homes.

The owner still has plenty of room to add more furniture or storage or he can keep it minimalistic as it is for a simple look. At the end the engineer said, “When I’m done with it, it will blow people’s minds.”

Images source: dailymail.co.uk

He Transformed These Old Shipping Containers Into A Beautiful Home In Woods
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