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Traveling Hacks That And Some Coins Can Save Your Life – Here’s How.

13 October 2018

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you’re going, there are always ways to save money – especially when you’re traveling. People who travel a lot know that saving money is extremely important.

These little life-hacks will help you get as comfortable as possible in your temporary home. If you want to save some cash and make your travels luxurious, you can definitely do that with these hacks.

The list is not that long, but you can choose what suits you best on your travels. And share the hacks with others, so they can enjoy them too.

The always needed Internet

If you’re one of those people who checks their social networks as soon as they enter their hotel room, and your accommodation doesn’t offer free wi-fi, there’s a hack for that – most new phones have personal hotspots, so just turn it on and use other devices to connect to it.

You don’t want to catch other people’s bacteria

Always carry a few clothing clips in case your bathroom doesn’t give you extra glasses to hold your toothbrushes. It’s quite a neat little hack.

You’re out of battery on your phone, but all outlets are already taken?

Well, you can always use the USB port on the back of your TV. And if you don’t have a TV in your room… why don’t you have a TV in your room?

Bad smells catch on quick when you travel

The easiest way to get rid of these smells is to use fabric softners to pick up the unwanted smells.

Block any outside sounds

This one is quite easy and quite useful. If you want to block sounds from the outside and get a good night’s sleep, just but a towel or a sheet along the bottom of the room’s door.

Tired of morning light?

Now, if you’re the type of person who does carry a few clothing clips, this one should be more than obvious to you. For those who don’t use the pant hanger to clip the curtains together.

This one is a favorite among kids

If your room offers a detachable ironing board and you lack the space around your table, you can literally use the ironing board as a table.

Metting someone special for dinner?

The first thing women notice about a man is his shoes. They might look at his eyes, lips, or jaw, but they always end up looking at the shoes. If you want to give your shoes the ultimate shine, but you’re traveling, use a bit of moisturizer.

This hack is mostly for women

Women usually travel with a lot of suitcases, and a portable shelf is thin and can fit inside a suitcase. Brilliant way to keep your clothes neat and organized.

And if you want to keep your clothes clean…

You can use a bag and some coins to wash them. Doing laundry while traveling is a hassle, and this hack is the result of the lack of time – if you really have to do it by yourself, place a bag over a drain and weigh it down with some coins in order to clog the drain.

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Traveling Hacks That And Some Coins Can Save Your Life – Here’s How.
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